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Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupery

Portret Antoine de Saint-Exupery · Curriculum Vitae Antoine de Saint-Exupery

· The work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

· Polish biographies of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Antoine Marie Roger de Saint-Exupery was born in Lyon, June 29, 1900 year in a French family of the count. He spent his childhood with his aunt not far Amberieu. He was educated in Catholic schools. He attended school in Sainte-Croix-Mans in Switzerland and Paris. Very early revealed his versatile talents. On the one hand, he wrote a very graceful poems, on the other hand showed a strong interest in technology. With eg 12 years constructed a "bike-glider", pinning to the children's bike wings made of sheets tensioned to the frame.

Not passed the exams for the Maritime School. He decided to study at the School of Fine Arts. During his studies at the Technical University has patented several improvements and technical solutions for the construction and piloting of aircraft engines. Some of them are used today.

Already in 1912, the first time he flew an airplane. In 1921, it shall be called to military service, which he held in Strasbourg in aviation. The age of 21 he received a diploma in civil pilot, a year later, a military pilot. After a serious accident he had to go to the reserve. He begins to write and publish it 1,925 years my first story related to aviation.

Since 1926 he flew as a pilot - test pilot, he held regular mail flights. He worked in a company engaged in the carriage of mail from Toulouse to Dakar. He was then head of the transit airport airlines in Port of Juba in Rio de Oro - Spanish stronghold sandwiched between the ocean and the desert in West Africa. Then he went to South America to investigate the possibility of creating new there lotnicych line.

In 1929, he was an employee of the company Aeroposta Argentina and flew on the lines of the Central and South American. After the bankruptcy of the company that employs him, Saint-Exupery involved in Air France. He tries - unsuccessfully - to break the record length of the flight on the route Paris - Saigon. In the years 1936-1937 he stayed several times as a reporter in civil war-torn Spain. In 1938, he attempted flight from New York to Tierra del Fuego. Badly injured in an accident during the trip, he spent in New York long months of convalescence. During several years of work on the pilot often had accidents. Those that were about him a hundred.

In 1943, as a result of their efforts has been called to serve aviation. He died in 1944 on his way back to base. July 31 his plane took off from Borgo and headed for Corsica. Probably he was shot down by the Germans and fell into the sea.

Dzieci państwa de Saint-Exupery około roku 1906. Od lewej: Marie-Madeleine, Gabrielle, Francois,Antoine,Simone.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery (drugi od prawej) ze swoim rodzeństwem.