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The World's Exchange Centre

Let's mAkE a DeAL!

If you:

- are keen on The Little Prince,

- collect books about him,

- would like to exchange them with others

sign up our site!

Send an e-mail to oskar@zapis.net.pl containing:

1. your e-mail address,

2. information about the book you have to exchange,

3. language you prefer to write in,

4. information about what would you like to receive.

Please visit our site again.


- interesuje cię Mały Książę

- zbierasz książki "The Little Prince"

- chcesz wymienić się z innymi

wpisz sie na naszą stronę!

Na adres oskar@zapis.net.pl wyślij maila, a w nim:

1. swój adres e-mail,

2. jaką wersję książki możesz wysłać

3. w jakim języku możesz prowadzić korespondencję,

4. ewentualnie to, co najbardziej chciałbyś dostać.

Zapraszamy ponownie na naszą stronę.


Anne Catherine - e-mail: saint_a@epita.fr

I can have: french edition, some indian edition, some english version

I want: all, what I haven't!!!

Write in: French, English

Marta Camporini - e-mail: marta_camp@yahoo.com

I can send: italian (coloured pictures, paperback)

Write in: Italian, English

Oskar K. Maciejewski - e-mail: oskar@zapis.net.pl

I can send: look on this site

Write in: Polish, Russian, English, German

I want: all, what I haven't

Shlomo Lerman - e-mail: lermansh@netvision.net.il

Write in: Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Yiddish, Esperanto

I understand: German, Portugues and Italian

Joshua Fok - e-mail: hall1998@hotmail.com

I can send: Chinese

View my collections: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Rhodes/1916/frontcover/collections.html

Write in: Chinese, English

Gerhard - e-mail: mali.princ@gmx.at

View my collections: http://www.petit-prince.at

Write in: German, English, French

Wanda Liszewska - e-mail: wliszewska@workdesign.com.pl

I can have: Polish

Write in: Polish, Spanish, Russian, English

Marie Cadkova - e-mail: mamadomam@gmail.com

I can send: book - czech and slovak edittion and CD - czech edittion

I want: Danish, Esperanto, Bengali, Bulgarian, Estonian, Kurdish, Persian, Slovenian, Thai, Greek, Malagasy

Write me: English