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Marta Cywińska for the portal malyksiaze.net

Is the translation of "The Little Prince" yours first meeting of this international bestseller?

Marta Cywińska: When I was a little girl and I could not even read, my mother read me parts of "The Little Prince" and I imagined his story in his own way . When a six- alone already read, "The Little Prince" has become one of my most favorite books of childhood.

How did it happen that you decided on a translation of "The Little Prince" ?

MC: A multitude of translations is a multitude of experiences. So I treated it in translation meeting with the "Little Prince". When I made the translation, I was a young woman facing the camera literary translation as idealistic, I was looking for a more current terms and expressions. When translating a novel association of eight years then I consulted the reader.

French is actually your second language. In connection with the translation of "The Little Prince" was a particular event or just another task in the rich life of an interpreter?

MC: ... rather romantic positivist approach to the existing translations. In Poland still lingering stereotype monothematic romanisty. Translator is one of the incarnations of poetic chameleon. This experience of "Little Prince" also influenced my research interests - including the so-called "wilderness experience."

Are you one of the twelve people in Poland, who have undertaken to translate "The Little Prince". It's probably not a comfortable situation, because I always translator runs the comparison with other translations, especially the ruling that memorable such as "The most important is invisible to the eye"

MC: Translators typically very afraid of comparisons, my passion is comparative literary, so the balance between fear and passion has been preserved.

"The Little Prince" is full of sentences that exist in our consciousness alone. Do you have a favorite quote or your piece?

MC: "- Please, draw me a sheep...". At the request meets the childlike world of adults. When a young child asks me to something he drew, draw, of course, the lamb! And alone at such a time, although for a moment, again, I feel a little girl.