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nowosciNew on the site

02.04.2018 - Probably just for the mummies. Because who else is able to verify the content of this book? "The Little Prince" in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

09.04.2017 - Extremely! Unknown to me until now the edition of "The Little Prince" from 1956 in my collection!

11.02.2015 - The release of "The Little Prince" in the public domain resulted in a real high dump the new Polish editions of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In my collection - four new Polish positions.

21.03.2014 - On the first day of spring, three new Italian dialects: Friulian, Romanesque and Emiliano Romagnolo.

15.02.2014 - Seven new books - seven new languages! All thanks to guru collectors Jean-Marc Probst.

22.01.2014 - We like "The Little Prince" or not? From now evaluate the book on a scale of 0.5 to 5.

03.01.2014 - New year we started on Facebook. Fanpage collection at: https://www.facebook.com/www.malyksiaze.net

23.12.2013 - Especially for the portal malyksiaze.net Marta Cywińska! A brief conversation with one of the translators of the book "Le Petit Prince".

10.12.2013 - The first attempt to introduce a separate page layout for mobile devices implemented. The result is far from satisfactory. Is waiting for us once again rebuilding the code?

04.12.2013 - We decided that we would collect the slides.

okładka książki30.11.2013 - Several weeks of work and we have another installment of the service - this time in html5, you probably even the man in the street ... will not notice!

16.09.2013 - Slight acceleration. Package arrived from a German publishing house. Several new dialects, including Cape Verdean Creole on shelf.

14.09.2013 - It worked up! After four years again in "Teleexpress".

18.06.2013 - Is the language of the letter "x"? It is!Xhosa. And in the same package next Xhosa Swahili and French with the alternative notation spelling.

17.06.2013 - This is a story for a long story short! Straight from Georgia, but through Prague and Poznan book arrived in Georgian.

12.06.2013 - What a movement in "the interest" this week! Another item - this time in the dialect of Nice..

11.06.2013 - In my collection there are two books in English written in Braille born in the United States.

10.06.2013 - Maybe a tad next topic, but closely associated with it. We just finished playing the game "The Little Prince - create my planet".

01.06.2013 - Improved eventually malfunction links "Up" (Polish: "Do góry").

30.05.2013 - Another boundary came! 300 books in the collection thanks to the Romanian edition, which brought z .. Moldova by my own daughter.

17.05.2013 - A light lifting hand - added a slideshow of the latest news on the main page.

12.10.2012 - South-East Asia rocks! 130 language in the collection - Malayalam from India.

02.10.2012 - Books arrives. Already 296 in 129 languages. Last in Sinhala, ie syngalesku - English Sri Lanka.

30.08.2012 - Even the Czechs have not seen so many Czech editions on one shelf! Serious complement the collection of the issue behind the southern border.

01.12.2011 - Here we go with the new department collection: theater posters.

24.11.2011 - Change in presentation of the collection. I resigned from the division on the continent - the existence of languages ??practically discredits such a division.

23.11.2011 - I close my discussion forum. No one argued.

15.11.2011 - Well, this is - a pretty good shot of the new translation of a friendly publishing.

11.02.2011 - How many sunsets watching the little prince? It's the real riddle!

09.02.2011 - It is! The first edition collection straight from Australia!

14.01.2011 - The Artistic Inspirations section - video from today you can watch the trailer of the new French blockbuster "Le Petit Prince".

24.12.2010 - Santa Claus came! I think Santa Claus lives in Asia, because in my collection of seven new books from India and China. As a bonus gift from Mexico and Turkey. And one more thing: did you know that Santa Claus's name Agucha ?

26.11.2010 - Publisher Algo this year released two new first (!) Edition of "The Little Prince". Both translations Ewa Łozinska-Małkiewicz. Different from the previous format.

04.06.2010 - In the section Humor we put a YouTube video showing described previously cabaret "Potem".

08.01.2010 - The historical book ! Edition in Bulgarian hundredth translation in my collection.

29.11.2009 - Serious processing and updating of department musical inspirations.

23.11.2009 - How much will I discover ? Another Polish edition - this time from 1992.

19.11.2009 - Up today has ! 20 new books. 19 new languages. The collection grows.

17.11.2009 - In my collection comic book "The Little Prince".

29.10.2009 - 17 new books in 17 new languages in one package! The collection of more than 200 copies.

02.09.2009 - I start collecting photos of "Little Prince" into our photo gallery.

28.08.2009 - We have launched a mechanism for changing the primary font size facilitates the worse people easier reading website content.

27.08.2009 - Just started previously announced Gallery Little Prince.

25.08.2009 - From now on separate sub-page with quotes from the book.

21.08.2009 - Report Tomasza Wojtasika (PAP) of the collection "The Little Prince" on Wirtualna Polska! (find a screenshot in the "Wrote about us")

20.08.2009 - Report Tomasza Wojtasika (PAP) of the collection "The Little Prince" on www.interia.pl! (find a screenshot in the "Wrote about us")

15.08.2009 - In the "Wrote about us" we put Poznan Polish Television reportage about the "Little Prince" and the book collection.

14.08.2009 - At the address http://www.malyksiaze.e-fora.pl we launched an online forum for fans of The Little Prince .

13.08.2009 - Practically ended refresh the page code . The most visible change is the presentation of a book collection.

okładka książki06.07.2009 - We began rebuilding the site - a new version of html code free at the end of the tables. For readers change almost invisible except to increase the width of the page

25.06.2009 - On site Wrote about us article from a local weekly Socio-Cultural "Facts Ostrowskie"

23.06.2009 - I purchased the domain. From today the service available at http://www.malyksiaze.net

06.06.2009 - Today television program "Teleekspress" (channel 1 Polish Television) informed about the collection and our website. Collector, namely me, has been added to the gallery "people positively crazy"

03.06.2009 - Another status update collection

21.03.2009 - In Artistic Inspirations section - music we've added content from YouTube - you can now sing such a Kasia Sobczyk

18.03.2009 - light status update collection

06.12.2006 - The first Polish edition of "The Little Prince" - Cooperative Publishing "Flames", Warsaw, 1947 - in my collection. Agnes - you are great !

19.09.2006 - I'm shocked ! I discovered another Polish edition - Publisher "Arcanus" 1994.

02.08.2006 - I got Russian phone cards! Welcome to he website of the cards.

01.02.2006 - A very important change in service - virtually invisible to Internet users. We are preparing for translation into English. Therefore significantly changed the directory structure.

31.01.2006 - Did you know that... - our little encyclopedia

25.01.2006 - We start to RSS channel

21.01.2006 - We expanded department Neighborhood Little Prince

13.01.2006 - We created page on Curiosities of Polish editions of the boo

21.12.2005 - Updated page Wrote about us on the occasion of an article in " Gazeta Wyborcza"

15.12.2005 - A website dedicated to biographies of Saint- Exupery issued in Polish.

30.11.2005 - In the section Text of the book new translations, including Bulgarian and Romanian.

08.08.2005 - The Little Prince in phone cards.

29.07.2005 - Amended our site complies with the standards xhtml 1.0 and css

28.07.2005 - On the Polish editions appeared the list of issues for the publishing division.

07.07.2005 - I updated the site with my collection. I have over 100 books!

04.07.2005 - Starts a special page dedicated to the publishers post.

04.07.2005 - Statistics stat4u working again.

okładka książki01.07.2005 - Books from Ewelina somehow gave me wings. You do not have to wait long: today the debut of the next views the site. "The Little Prince by Oscar, ver.4.0."

27.06.2005 - Small lift after a long break. Restart the guest book.

22.06.2005 - Three new books in my collection: Estonian, Danish and Latvian. Ewelina thanks!

16.10.2004 - In the "Wrote about us" information about articles in the daily newspaper "Kurier Ostrowski"

02.05.2002 Page directory discovered in the Republic of web - site awarded the title of "The findings of the Republic Web"!

30.04.2002 - Order in our "Guest book" . 340 kB file split into smaller after 20 entries.

24.08.2001 - In the "Contents of the book" is finally complete translation by Ewa Łozińska-Małkiewicz.

23.08.2001 - I have translated the guys from Lithuania page with Internet Postcards of the Little Prince. Now you can send a Polish language versions. Everything on http://prince.night.lt

13.08.2001 - I returned from a trip to Central Europe. My collection has grown to about five books.

19.07.2001 - In the end it is! I already have at home the Polish edition from the series "Canon at the end of the century"! Agnes - thanks a lot.

15.07.2001 - New Russian book in my collection

15.07.2001 - I become Israel FDC

14.07.2001 - I have new books to exchange! Look on "Let's make a deal" site

okładka książki13.07.2001 - After more than two years: another rebuilding this service

11.07.2001 - Elephant screensaver -> "Download" site

11.07.2001 - "Mały Książę" Kasi Sobczyk w formatach *.mp3 i *.rm -> "Download" site

09.07.2001 - New photos on photo page

okładka książkiMarch 1999 - Debuts the second version of our "TLP"