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In times of universal globalization and - unfortunately - commercialism, it is not surprising that the Little Prince can be found in many places and often surprising combinations. We will try to collect here all the manifestations of his presence. Those that were able to be grouped in some categories, you will find next, the other below.

· "The Little Prince" in Braille

· Museum of The Little Prince

· Squadron 1/33

· Game "Create my planet"

· French bill

· French gold coins

· Belarusian coin

· The Little Prince Lego

· Balloon Little Prince

UP"The Little Prince" in Braille

strona tytulowa ksiazki"The Little Prince" read can also blind readers. The book was published braille writing in many languages, including Polish, English, Turkish, Spanish or German. With two books that have enriched my collection, I learned that writing Braille text can be saved in different ways.

The first is the most natural: each character, each letter corresponds to one of the combinations of the six holes. As it turns out (at least in the U.S.) books printed so few people read: mostly those learning to read Braille and foreigners. Books for more impelled readers, and there are apparently more are printed using shortcuts so they are not only thinner, but also read them faster.

Strona książki pisanej Braillem

UPGame "Create my planet"

pudełko z grąI always fear when the market appears something inspired by the "Little Prince". The famous book probably magnet is an example of how business people actually detached from the book and its message simply trying to make money in the world of popular works of Saint-Ex. Therefore, from a distance I went to the games created by the duo Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala (www.ludonaute.fr) entitled "The Little Prince - create my planet" (Polish publisher: rebel.pl - Game Center).

This time, my fears were thankfully unfounded. Game - simple in its rules - draws. In original box we find it really 80 cards - tiles with fragments of known planets and characters from the book. Fun is the construction of a planet made up of 16 tiles. Points are earned, among others, as being within the planet sheep, animals, roses, lanterns, and even baobabs. But it is not only the random drawing cards : the rules of the game were enriched because of the element of the strategy allows, for example, the concept of opponents spoiling the fun. In short - fun recommend, although the price (from 60,- to 75,- PLN) is a clear economic exploitation.

A game for 2-5 people by artists for children above 8 years of age and adults . Average playing time 25 minutes [manual available in the Download section].

Gra w toku - ze strony ludonaute.fr

UPMuseum of The Little Prince in Japan

kupon rabatowyWhere is the Museum of The Little Prince? Not in France! It was founded in the small resort town of Hakone in Japan. The museum displays memorabilia of the author of The Little Prince, introduces visitors his life (played, amongst others, the room in which he lived at Cap Juby). Apart from exhibition halls to visitors waiting cafe and a shop with numerous souvenirs and books.

The museum is open from 9.00 to 17.00. If you have any doubt, then call us to Japan: 81-460-86-3700. Polyglots, please visit the museum http://www.tbs.co.jp/l-prince/en/

And another surprise. By clicking on the graphics side, you can download a voucher entitling the discount on the ticket of 150 yen. Details on the website of the museum.

Zdjęcie z muzeum w JaponiiPomnik Małego Księcia z muzeum w JaponiiJedna z sal w muzeum w Japonii

UPMuseum of The Little Prince in Morocco

As it turns out, this is not only a museum. On the http://www.4x4.org.pl found a photo of Paweł Kulma expedition to Morocco, among them the Museum picture by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Tarfaya (Morocco), where since 1927 Saint-Ex has worked as the head of the airport Cap Juba French air mail.

It was here that he wrote his first book "Mail to the South".

Tablica drogowa z informacjąMuzeum w Maroku

Pomnik w kształcie samolotuJedna z sal w muzeum w MarokuJedna z sal w muzeum w Maroku

UPSquadron ER 1/33 Belfort

Although Antoine de Saint - Exupery is associated with reconnaissance aircraft squadron 2/33 , at the end of the war it was formally pilot Squadron 1/33 . It is no wonder that this squadron was wearing among their symbols Little Prince ( A1246 decision of 20.10.1993 ) .

Sztandar dywizjonuOdznaka dywizjonuNaszywka dywizjonu

From 24 May 1994 until terminated on 24 June 2010, the squadron ER 1/33 Belfort was stationed at the base BA 112 Reims . Its code is: 33- Cx . It was divided into three squadrons :

  • 'La Hache' - Axe - SAL 33
  • 'Petit Prince' - The Little Prince - EALA 9-72
  • 'Léopard' - Leopord - BR 244
  • .

It was the second squadron introduced the "Little Prince" to the symbolism Squadron (its symbol was the form of " The Little Prince " placed on a silver , reverse shield - A819 Decision of 13.10.1960 ) .

Sztandar eskadryOdznaka eskadryNaszywka eskadry

The squadron flew airplanes Mirage F1CR. On the other squadron aircraft tail It showed character Little Prince.

UPThe Little Prince Lego

If Lego were created in order to nurture creativity, this goal has been achieved! Photos of the now-defunct website http://www.neutronbot.com/kevin/?m=b612.

Mały Książę z klocków Lego

UPFrench bill

There is no doubt that Antoine de Saint-Exupery is one of the world's most famous writers. Its the 50th anniversary of the death of so had to be noticed. French bank decided to celebrate the release of the banknote worth 50 francs bearing the likeness of the author of "The Little Prince" and drawings hero. The draft note has been developed by Swiss graphic Roger Pfund. It is a pity that the introduction of the Euro currency caused the disappearance of francs...

50-frankowy banknot francuski 50-frankowy banknot francuski

UPFrench gold coins

Three graphical themes selected from the book were used as a model to three French gold coins: one with a value of € 50 and two of 20 euros. Coins issued French Mint Monnaie de Paris to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first edition of "The Little Prince".

Francuska moneta awers

Francuska moneta awersFrancuska moneta rewers

The Little Prince on the planet

  • Face value: 50 euros
  • Au 999/1000
  • Diameter: 37,00 mm
  • Weight: 31,10 g
  • Emissions: 2.000 pcs
  • The year of issue: 2007
  • Finish: mirror
  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris

Francuska moneta awers

Francuska moneta awersFrancuska moneta rewers

The Little Prince and the fox

  • Face value: 20 euros
  • Au 920/1000
  • Diameter: 31,00 mm
  • Weight: 17,00 g
  • Emissions: 2.000 pcs
  • The year of issue: 2007
  • Finish: mirror
  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris

Francuska moneta awers

Francuska moneta awersFrancuska moneta rewers

The Little Prince on the grass

  • Face value: 20 euros
  • Au 920/1000
  • Diameter: 31,00 mm
  • Weight: 17,00 g
  • Emissions: 2.000 pcs
  • The year of issue: 2007
  • Finish: mirror
  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris

UPBelarusian coin

Białoruska moneta awersBiałoruska moneta rewers

The second coin in the series "Tales Nations" ("Coins of The Fairy Tales of the Peoples of the World Series) released in Belarus presents the well-known characters from" The Little Prince"!

  • Face value: 20 rubli
  • Ag 925 oksydowana z cyrkonią
  • Diameter: 38,61mm
  • Weight: 28,28 g
  • Emissions: 20.000 pcs
  • The date of issue: 24.05.2005
  • Mint: Mennica Polska S. A.

UPBalloon Little Prince

There you go! Also, looking up can meet the Little Prince. It is true that on the balloon, but always.

From 26 to 31 August 2003, several kilometers away from Angers, took one of the most prestigious meetings balloon The French Balloon Championship. Among the balloons that took to the air, to spy could be one of the Little Prince. The pictures come from these professions. At the bottom of the right Béjat Frank, who piloted a balloon Little Prince.

Duży balon z Małym KsięciemStart balonu z Małym KsięciemMały Książę na baloniePilot balonu z Małym Księciem