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Tips for students

The Little Prince has been a Polish school reading. So maybe these few studies will help in completing the Polish language lessons. However, if these prove insufficient - you can always reach for one of the special scripts, which a few are on the market. Three of them went to my collection.

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UPConstruction of history

"The Little Prince" is a kind of parable. This allegorical tale transmitting a science of human life. Events and situations are exemplary. Illustrate the overarching truth - this is the role of the hero meeting his conversations with people on different planets. It is in this work also something of a fairy tale. It has been shown in the fantasy world in which the rule of law is not always consistent with scientific knowledge. The Little Prince is maintained in a poetic atmosphere, full of unusual associations, ambiguity of meaning that anyone can read in different ways.

the narrator - a character real, the airman, who after six years from the events discussed in the text talks about them. The flyer does not have a name or surname. However, there are many clues to identify him with the author.

the main characters - two people: one real - the flyer (see the narrator), the second fairy, easily exceeding the limits of the real world. It is the little prince came from asteroid B -612 .

place of action - the Earth, the Sahara desert, where the little prince landed on the interplanetary travels and where must return to his planet.

action - includes eight days dedicated to the repair of aircraft and talks the main characters.

storyline - includes one year of age Little Prince, dedicated to exploring the different planets and the Earth.

You can say that action and storyline are quite poor, because they really are just an excuse to forward relevant content. The story consists of three interwoven threads:

realistic - the form of the airman, his forced landing and try to repair the aircraft ;

fairytale - the most important in the work associated with the figure of the Little Prince and his wanderings. This topic allows you to expose, highlight reflections on happiness and suffering, life and death, loneliness and friendship, and responsibility for others;

psychological - talking about the transformation of mental and spiritual maturation Little Prince during the annual migration. In this thread special place just narrator-flier, and symbolic characters: rose and fox.

UPThe main issues

"The Little Prince" is a book addressed to all readers - both children and adults. Draws attention primarily to the fact that human life is not important to have a variety of things, objects. You have to dedicate to someone, and not be a banker counting the stars for himself king imperative in order to command, aimlessly wandering travelers.

The book convinces us that if we dedicate life to someone, we will certainly have a friend in him. A friendship is extremely important in everyone's life. Friend nothing and no one can be replaced with. Among other things, calls The Little Prince with a fox that to have a friend that means a lot to devote to feel responsible for him, look after him. This is the meaning of human life, determines its value.

UPCharacteristics of The Little Prince

Rysunek Małego KsięciaThe Little Prince is a nice and charming kid with blonde hair and a friendly face. Most likely comes from an asteroid, the planet with the symbol B-612 . All the time is simple, you might say naive, never lies, and implicitly trusts the other. Respects the views of anyone but yourself opt company. Each of us once had similar features - unfortunately, later life, his brutality, disappointment, hard reality deprived us of most of them. Only sometimes we can still look at the world through the eyes of the child.

The bigest The Little Prince's love was alone rose growing on his planet. The boy was not sure if the flower reciprocates his feelings. He decided on a journey - the quest for answers to the question of how to treat someone dear. Wandering gave him the conviction that only the heart creates a true picture. For selected flower can not look like the other roses. So he decided to go back to his planet and be kind to your chosen one.

And how looked like The Little Prince? Check!

UPTimetable of events

  1. Childhood memories of the narrator.
  2. Failure of aircraft and meeting with the boy in the desert.
  3. The mysterious origin of the Little Prince.
  4. The danger threatening the planet, the boy from the baobabs.
  5. Activities Little Prince.
  6. Tales of the Rose.
  7. Parting
  8. Knowledge of other planets and their inhabitants.

    · The King

    · Vain

    · Drunk

    · Banker

    · Lamplighter

    · Geographer

  9. Meeting at the Earth from the snake.
  10. Talking about loneliness.
  11. Taming the fox.
  12. Meeting the switchman and the Merchant.
  13. The Little Prince and the Aviator go in search of water.
  14. Finding well.
  15. Separation of the Little Prince.
  16. The memory of the narrator of the boy they met in the desert.

UPSummary of the book

Forced by the accident his airplane airman - Track narrator - forced landing in the desert Sahara. With water supply just eight days, as soon as possible trying to fix an engine failure. One day in the evening to sleep on the sand, a thousand miles away from inhabited areas. At dawn wakes him little man - the little prince.

Beeeee ... The little nan that asks the airman to draw a lamb. Unfortunately, the pilot could not draw well, as adults unimaginative people discouraged him to engage in the arts. To the surprise and fortunately for the airman, after several failed attempts, the stranger was satisfied with the drawing box, in which was hidden a lamb.

From conversations with the Little Prince of the airman concluded that the newcomer lives on a tiny planet, not much larger than a house. On the planet the prince (probably B-612) grew a rose, which the little prince very carefully nurtured, and loved entertaining conversations. Rose, however, frequented unhappy, so the prince left her. Traveling he visited another planet.

The Little Prince met, among others, the King, who seemed still orders, though... there was not one that was subjected Vain waiting only applause and recognition, Drunkard, who drank because he was ashamed, he drinks, Banker, constantly counting the stars, and who consider them as their property, Lamplighter, igniting and extinguishing every minute lantern - so quickly followed there day after night. On the sixth planet the little prince met a scientist geographer advising the prince to visit the Earth.

On the Earth, the little prince happened to some interesting encounters. Snake promised to help him return to his planet. With a fox talking about hunting, taming and other important matters. He spoke of a flower, the Merchant and switchman. He found the garden of five thousand roses, but none to the heart of the prince.

After several days of meetings with the airman went in search of a well. They found her at the end of the desert (though may not actually exist?). The Little Prince finally realized that he loves only her rose. He decided to come back. She helped him in the Snake, which stung him in the leg. Falling asleep said that only his body remains on Earth, because it is too heavy to take them so far.