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Did you know that...

Every time someone comes back to "The Little Prince", he discovers new things in it. Some facts begin to wonder after a while. For some of the questions that we raise, probably never find an answer. On the part of the attempt to answer now.

· Ears of fox

· Who was Leon Werth

· Mrs. de B., Mrs. E.

· Walt Disney and "The Little Prince"

UPEars of fox

Have you ever wondered why the Little Prince's fox has big ears? Anyone who saw the fox in our forests will have to ask yourself this question. This riddle is very simple to solve.

In the years 1927-1928 Antoine de Saint-Exupery became head of the Cap Juby airport, a small facility sandwiched between the ocean and the desert. It was there - as reported by biographers - tamed gazelles and desert fox - Fennec fox, whose characteristic feature are the big ears.

Fennec fox (Fennecus zerda), placental mammal of the Canidae family, of the order of prey. The smallest representative of the Canidae family living in the desert regions of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, at the same time regarded as the largest predatory mammal of the Sahara. Oestrus take place in winter, pregnancy lasts 50-55 days, small are born in March or April, usually 1-4 per litter. Weigh 25-28 g and measure 10 inches long, half of which falls on the tail. Initially, silvery- black , after 2 weeks of changing color of the fur on beige, and 3 months of age receive a buff color typical for adults. Fennec fox's adult body length is about 40 cm to 30 cm of the tail, body weight 1.5 kg. They live an average of 12-14 years. Fennec fox leads nocturnal, feeds on insects, small vertebrates and plant food.

Zdjęcie fenkaZdjęcie fenkaZdjęcie fenkaZdjęcie fenkaZdjęcie fenka

UPWho was Leon Werth

Who was Leon Werth, whom Antoine de Saint-Exupery dedicated "The Little Prince"?

Zdjęcie Leona WerthaZdjęcie Leona WerthaThe journalist, art critic, essayist and writer. Leon Werth was born in Remiremont in 1878 to a Jewish family. He studied literature and worked in various newsrooms. In 1913, he published his first novel, The White House - survival of the clinic suffering from brain cancer patient. The novel was nominated for the award Gancourt.

In 1922, he married Suzanne. Three years later they had a son - Claude. In 1931, he met Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Despite sharing their 22 years, they became great friends. He died in Paris, December 13, 1955.

It is worth noting that in addition to the dedication of The Little Prince, also another book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - Letter to a hostage - is associated with Leon Werth. Saint-Ex had to write the foreword to the book of Leon Werth Thirty-three days of the French tale of escape from Paris in the face of the approaching Nazi troops. Saint-Exupery began preface giving her tittle The Letter to Leon Werth. After numerous alterations and amendments call admission Letter to a friend. Scheduled in spring 1943 publication, however, fallen into limbo for nothing, and admission began to live their own lives. Just under the title Letter to the hostage was released in June 1943, while Werth's book was published only 49 years later in Paris.

UPMrs. de B., Mrs. E.

That married life Antoine de Saint-Exupery up did not work - it is not a great mystery. That he had a girl-friend, or - as some prefer - lover, it is not a mystery. However, most biographers writing about her does not mention her real name, just call Mrs. de B. and Mrs. E.

Mysterious Saint-Exupéry's friend is Nelly de Vogüé, already in 1947, hiding under the pseudonym Pierre Chevrier, published the first biography of the author of "The Little Prince", which for many years became a canon of Saint-Exupéry's perception.

Under another pseudonym Helene Froment released at Gallimard novel about an impossible relationship military doctor and married a nurse who has blessed him with love since childhood. In this novel titled "No reason" ("On ne revient pas") echoes "Mail to the South" and views of Saint-Exupery.

UPWalt Disney and "The Little Prince"

Autograf Walta DisneyaMost of the most famous fairy tales and fables have been transferred to the screen by Walt Disney and his company. I long wondered why out of his hand never left any version of adventure "The Little Prince". The answer I found in the biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "Great Little Prince of the twentieth century" by Stacy Schiff ( Alpha Publishing , Warsaw, 1998 ) .

"The Little Prince" was nearly brought to the screen - in May found him Orson Welles , who the previous November for the purposes of propaganda radio adapted fragments of "Night Flight" and "Earth, the planet of people". Now, about four in the morning he woke his partner, who listened in a bathrobe reading, becoming another person who has not slept because of "The Little Prince". Quickly, two months reserved the right to Welles, who wanted to film the book, combining the actors with the characters of drawings. The project was largely unsuccessful, however, to nothing, as he failed to convince them to help Walt Disney .

Behaving like a character from a book, Disney underestimated the effort Welles, who presented his plans for "The Little Prince ". He walked out of the room not interested in his project.